A brief history of Fleming-Ranch
Fleming Ranch Logo by Brian White of TriLion Studios
TJ_fleming and granddaughter


Thomas Jefferson Fleming buys 800 acres of land, mostly from the Tripp family and builds his mountain lodge retreat. He works with the California legislature to set aside lands west of Herkey Creek as a game reserve. T.J. Fleming dies suddenly on the ranch in February of 1924.


T.J.Flemings daughters, Louise Fleming Duque and Margaret Fleming Call, purchase additional land from the Southern Pacific Railroad bringing the total ranch acreage to 1,280. In 1939 the main lodge house burns down. In 1944 Louise buys Margarets interest in the ranch rebuilding the main house in 1950 around it’s original beautiful stone fireplaces.


Ponds created. Dorothy Grant, one of Louise’s daughter’s buys her sisters interest in the property. The property title eventually passes to Fleming Ranch LLP administered by Dorothy’s six children. A forest renewal project removes over 3,000 dead trees on 500 acres.


Fleming Ranch Partners LLP sells 1,120 acres to the Trust For Public Lands (TPL) in 2014. They sell the remaining 160 acres with includes the buildings to the Tiso family in October of 2015. TPL transfers the land officially to the USFS in March of 2016.